Telemetries Stations

With 30 years of experience in Telemetry, we offer a wide range of Telemetry acquisition solution designed for on-flight tests and system integration and qualification tests: from portable system to complete telemetry room.

Powerful, upgradeable and compatible among themselves, all our systems can be integrated into a more global system in a Network Distributed Architecture.

MAG200 Product Line

Mobile station : MAG_200/TGS-M

Rackable station : MAG_200/TGS-R

Portable station : MAG_200/TGS-L

Ethernet station : MAG_200/ETS

Simulator Station : MAG_200/SIM-RF

Additional modules

NDA Module (Network Distributed Architecture) : MAG-NDA

Video Analysis Module : MAG-Video

3D visualisation Module : MAG-3D

Telemetry Boards

Multi-Band FM Receiver

PCM/FM Receiver/Bit Synchronizer

Bit Synchronizer

Frame Synchronizer

Bit Synchronization and Data decommutation

Analog Output Board

PCM Data Stream Simulator