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Bit Synchronization and Data decommutation

Mobile Telemetry Simulator Station

The Mobile Telemetry Simulator Station is a robust lunchbox and go-anywhere system suitable for harsh/severe environments and critical applications.

It generates RF telemetry signal IRIG 106, CE83, CCSDS…, either by acquisition playback or data simulation.

Based on the Magali Telemetry software, the RF Simulator Station includes all functionalities to test, qualify and maintain on field telemetry chains.

Key Features

• Highly mobile platform to test and qualify ground telemetry systems

• Generation of PCM data stream with FM modulation

• Data Rates up to 20 Mbps (NRZ codes), 10 Mbps for other codes

• Evaluation of bit synchronizer and PCM decommutator performance

• Error generation on a bit by bit basis including frame sync loss

• Embedded time (IRIG A, B, or G)

For a detailed description of the Simulator Station , please download the MAG-200/SIM-RF datasheet.

Station MAG_200_SIM_RF datasheet