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Bit Synchronization and Data decommutation

MAG-200 Rackable Station of Telemetry

MAG-200/TGS-R is a rackable telemetry ground station. It performs signal reception, bit and frame synchronisation, storage and real time data processing.

MAG-200/TGS-R includes Magali Telemetry software with PCM decommutation module selected from IRIG 106 Class II, CE83, CCSDS.

The solution is upgradable to include other data format as numerical buses (MIL-STD-1553, A-ARINC-429…) Video, Chapter 10 or Ethernet data acquisition: IENA, iNet, Zodiac Data System RTR, raw telemetry packets ...

Key features

• Telemetry room applications

• From 1 to 4 PCM inputs

• PCM Data Rates up to 20 Mbps for NRZ-L (10 Mbps for Bi-Phase/Miller)

• Receiver, Bit synchronizer, PCM decom, PCM simulator, time code reader/generator

• Magali telemetry software

• Available with mil-STD-1553, A-ARINC-429 and other inputs of Magali product

• Network architecture option for remote control or distribution

For a detailed description of the MAG-200 rackable station, please download the MAG-200/TGS-R datasheet

Station MAG_200_TGS_R datasheet