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MAGALI PCM Ethernet Station

The PCM Ethernet Station is dedicated to PCM acquisition over IP Networks. It combines multisource fast Ethernet acquisition, software frame synchronizer and Best Source Selection.

Telemetry decommutation is tightly linked to network reception to guarantee performance and security.

The Magali Ethernet solution can be used either on board in toughed laptop or on ground with rack-mount controller.

Key Features

• Multisource PCM Ethernet stream

• Bit rates up to 100 Mbps

• Frame synchronization

• Best Source Selection

• IRIG 106 Class II, CE83 or CCSDS format available

• Embedded messages extraction : PCM, MIL-STD-1533, A-ARINC-429, Video, Voice, analogues extraction

• Real Time and Post Processing display and analysis

• IRIG B time input option

For a detailed description of the PCM Ethernet Mobile station , please download the MAG-200/ETS datasheet.

Station MAG_200_ETS datasheet