Multisource Station MAG 800

MAG_800/TBS-I is a complete and powerful rackable station for multi-source data acquisition.

MAG_800/TBS-I is perfectly adapted to the environment of benches and multi-source data acquisition managing data either from acquisition cards or frames conveyed by digital busses.

MAG_800/TBS-I supports of A-ARINC-429, A-ARINC-664, RS, Ethernet, IEEE-488, MIL-STD-1553, DIGIBUS, CAN...

MAG_800/TBS-I Runs on VME, PCI, Compact PCI, PXI busses, under Windows, LINUX, UNIX systems, according to platform.

Key Features

• Multisource data input: Telemetry, buses, Ethernet ...

• Time synchronisation between all sources

• Modular and open architecture

• Interfaces with all major constructor

• Network architecture option for remote control or distribution

• Compact and portable solution to cabinet installation

•Real time and post-processing functions

For a detailed description of the Multisource Station MAG800, please download the MAG_800/TBS-I datasheet

Station MAG_800_TBS_I Technical File