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Data Cruncher MAG-150

MAG_150/DCS-L is an ultra portable rugged station dedicated to test data extraction and analysis in all environments, even in the harshest.

MAG_150/DCS-L extracts test data from various media : recorder, flash memory, data fileā€¦ . and from various sources such as Telemetry (IRIG 106, CE83, CCSDS, MIL-STD-1553, A-ARINC-429 formats), Analogue, Serial, Ethernet, Video and Voice ...

MAG_150/DCS-L manages numerous protocols and data formats.

After extraction MAG_150/DCS-L stores the data onto disk with standard formats.

Key Features

• PCM, MIL-STD-1533, A-ARINC-429, Video, Voice, analogues extraction and replay

• All major protocols and data formats: Irig-106 Chapter 10, ENERTEC, DATaRec3 ...

• Synchronisation between all sources with high accuracy

• Real time and Post processing analysis of all parameters

• 3D Visualization option

For a detailed description of the Data cruncher MAG-150 please download the datasheet :

Station MAG_150_DCS-L Technical file