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Magali Software suite

The MAGALI software suite has been developed for test engineers. It was built and developed in close partnership with test centre teams.

MAGALI controls acquisition, generation and data analysis from different sources: acquisition of physical signals, digital buses, telemetry… in real-time, post-processing and replay modes.

MAGALI is the core of single-source acquisition systems for data recording and analysis, but it is also the basis for multi-source systems. The scalability of its network architecture makes it possible to build technologically advanced systems.

MAGALI is designed to develop a wide range of systems : from ultra-portable PocketPC type test systems to standard systems in rackable chassis or desk format, including portable systems, tablet PCs, laptops.

Magali is a most intuitive, complete and easy to use tool. It is used in more than 25 countries all over the world, with more than 1400 licences sold. MAGALI software is considered today as a benchmark in the field of telemetry.

Key Features

• A test oriented product.

• A complete system for acquisition, generation, visualization data analysis in real time.

• A scalable product: it easily inserts processing or I/O modules.

• A Network Distributed Architecture: MAGALI can be extended to multiple stations to increase performances.

• An open product, easy to customize, and that facilitates communication with other systems.

• A multilingual software, available in English and French, quickly translated to any other language.

• A multiplatform product (Windows, Linux and Real Time OS), to fit with both development environments and technical constraints.

• The management of numerous protocols and data source formats .

• Many additional modules: video, 3D, engineering graphic objects libraries ...

Magali - Real time

The structure of MAGALI’s Real-Time mode is based on a kernel with various services. It manages input and output streams (I/O streams). The kernel enables high or low speed acquisitions. With the Distributed Network Architecture (NDA), data from several acquisition systems can be displayed.

• Organisation and test preparation

Tree diagram files & directory management, easy management of multiple tests, network distribution of tests, test saving in different formats and media (zip, DAT,…). Configuration of monitored equipments during acquisition and generation, definition of the storing and acquisition conditions, definition of real time processing, alarms and visualization, import/export, configuration for automatic preparation

• Real-time test

Synchronization and monitoring of acquisition and generation systems, generation of processed channels, outputs and distribution on network, alarm and action triggering on condition, real-time data visualization and processing. Data handling and preliminary analysis, acquisition validation, raw data display, data Import/Export (ASCII, binary, Matlab, specific, format).

• Replay

Run already acquired data, same functions than real time, tape recorder-like monitoring : Fast or slow forward, pause...

• Visualization

Many display formats for data and graphic processings, visualization according to time or according to other signals, multi-axes, multi-frame marks, charts, cursors, loop with advanced functions, test report edition, possibility to add comments, mimic diagrams can be customized with a user-friendly Graphic Editor.

• Communication

With the NDA architecture (Network Distributed Architecture), the different real time functions can be distributed to several systems connected together.

Magali - Post-Processing

MAGALI is a complete and powerful software for post-processing : analysis, visualisation, standard or specific processing, test reports... on any type of recorded data. Numerous tools are disposal for the customization and automation of the analysis.

• Processings

- Point research :min, max, abscissa, ordinate, index...
- Mathematic processing : Arithmetic, logic, Trigonometric, logarithmic...
- Signal processing : Digital filter, FFT, PSD, Auto and cross spectrums, Smoothing, envelop…)
- Statistic processings : Average, standard deviation, extrema, Cross channel average, Linear, polynomial regression, trend curves...

• Macro-commands

Macro-commands automate processing sequences. They are easily built and graphically accessible. They are visible from MAGALI Graphical Interface. A graphic debugger allows a quick tuning or troubleshooting of all process sequences. Conditional functions are designed to build more complex macro-commands: Functions, If, Loop on index, Loop on channel lists ...

• Development toolkit (SDK)

Development Toolkits (SDK: Software Development Toolkit) have been designed to develop new user functions to adapt the software to specific requirements. An ergonomic interface is provided to facilitate the integration of algorithms. New functions can be develop in both real time and in Post-Processing mode.

MAGALI Applications

MAGALI in Telemetry

ADAS offers a wide range of solutions for integration and validation of flight tests. The MAGALI telemetry software is provided integrated in our various telemetries stations.

Please referred to the chapter “telemetries stations” MAG-200 for a technical description of Magali applications in telemetry."stations de télémesure" MAG 200.

MAGALI "Data Cruncher"

ADAS has designed the Magali data cruncher, a powerful software solution with numerous functionalities to secure test data acquisition and analysis.

The Magali data cruncher extracts test data from recorders and flash memory … and from various sources. It permits visualization and post-processing analysis of every parameters included in the data streams. The video and voice extracted can be replayed and synchronized with other sources. The synchronization between the sources is of very high accuracy. The Magali data cruncher is a perfect tools for the validation of on-board equipments.

The data cruncher software can be delivered with or without any station. Please referred to the chapter “Data cruncher stations” MAG 150 for a technical description of the data cruncher software.

MAGALI multi-sources

ADAS has designed the MAGALI multisource, an actual software toolbox for test engineers.

The MAGALI multisource is perfectly adapted to the environment of test benches. No matter if data come from acquisition cards or data streams conveyed by digital busses, the MAGALI Multisource is a universal "data logger".

The Magali multisource software can be delivered with or without any station. Please referred to chapter “multisource stations” MAG 800 for a technical description of the Magali multisource software.

For a more detailed description of the Magali software, please download the Magali datasheet.

Magali Technical Presentation