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Module MAG_Video

The MAG_VIDEO module, optional in MAGALI systems, fully manages the video streams in acquisition systems.

The MAG_VIDEO module can acquire any video stream : either integrated in a telemetry message, stored in a memory card or a recorder, or even acquired in real time.

The MAG_VIDEO module performs the analysis of the video stream simultaneously, synchronized with other sources.

Key Features

• Real time acquisition and Replay mode

• Simultaneous management of multiple video signals

• MPEG 2, MPEG 4 and JPEG standard formats

• Optional specific formats

• Data storage in MPEG2-TS and PES formats

• IRIG time or GPS synchronisation

• On Screen Display (OSD) function for video time (overlay)

• Superimposition of customized parameters

• Customizable synchronization from other sources (PCM, 1553, A-ARINC-429...)

For a detailed description of the Video module, please download the MAG-Video datasheet.

Technical File MAG_Video