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SDK Module

MAGALI is a modular and open software. It allows the insertion of new modules to adapt the software to specific requirements or link Magali to other systems.

Users can add their specific algorithms to the real time decommutation loop, or post processing functions.

It also permits to control MAGALI systems from another local station or any station in the network.

Software Development Kits available : SDK-RT for real time processing, SDK-PP for post processing, and SDK-NDA for automation.


Key Features

• Creation and import of parameter dictionaries

• Parameters import/export

• Addition of post processing functions

• Fusion with Magali IHM

• Real time processing and conversion functions

• Control of Magali from external software

• Parameter retrieval from remote workstation

For a detailed description of the SDK module, please download the MAG-SDK datasheet..

MAG_SDK technical file