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Module NDA

MAGALI is a standalone system providing all real time and post processing required functions. NDA (Network Distributed Architecture) is an extension designed to distribute the different MAGALI Real Time functions to several systems connected to a network. Thus, each system works synchronously on a dedicated task : acquisition / generation, monitoring, visualization, scheduling..

Key features

• Acquisition/generation of numerous formats : telemetry, bus MIL-STD-1553, A-ARINC-429, analogue, serial, Ethernet, discrete, counter, specific...

• Balance of Acquisition/generation loading on several processors

• Monitoring and real time follow up by several users

• Automatic sources synchronization, whatever the format and the platform (Windows, Linux, UNIX, VxWorks, …)

• Test configuration separately from a supervision station (SPE) as a unique system

For a detailed description of the NDA module, please download the MAG-NDA datasheet.

MAG_NDA technical File