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3D Module

The MAG-3D module is an advanced tool for 3D & 2D animation and visualization of ground/air mobiles (aircraft, helicopter, UAV, missile, ground vehicle, etc…), based on real data from telemetry, direct acquisition, or replay.

The MAG-3D module perfectly recreates test flight scenes or ground manoeuvres and fully meets any user’s requirements.

Key Features

• Animations based on telemetry or GPS data (altitude, longitude, latitude, speed, position,...)

• Full Earth database provided, customizable and upgradable.

• 3D Visualization during the mission (real-time) or in replay mode.

• Various visualization mode available: 3D mode, 2D map mode, global visualization mode, camera point of view, zoom...

• Synchronization of 3D with other MAGALI visualization such as time-history parameter and videos.

• Fluidity of movements and high-resolution of the scenes.

• Possibility to generate landscapes and mobiles with standard tools.

For a detailed description of the 3D module, please download the MAG-3D datasheet..

MAG_3D technical file