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KALLISTÉ is the last generation of software for end users application developments without any language or macro language. Programs are simply written using English sentences. No needs to learn any words, they are proposed according to the context of use. Sentences are written using simple Drag and Drop operations.

KALLISTÉ covers all the needs for data acquisition, test benches supervision, telemetry, after flights data extraction, after test data analysis and test reports.

With KALLISTÉ, you organize your projects, the way you want, you can add as many displays as you want, you can organize them in directories, you can also organize all the objects your project uses in groups of objects. You can use different types of objects, controls with a human interface to display or input data and/or parameters. You can also use objects without user interfaces.

With the display editor WYSIWYG. You can arrange, align, make your controls uniforms. Each kind of object has a dedicated properties page where you can adjust basic parameters : colors, caption, units, ticks marks, etc...

All the controls share the same kind of look and style, so your displays looks consistent without any changes.

So basically, if you know how to drag and drop, you know everything that is required to create your displays and synoptics

KALLISTÉ key features

• Fully Events driven, no timer required for synoptics and displays refreshment, requires less CPU

• Fully polymorphic, the end of the data types and formats nightmares

• Fully multi threaded

• Provide a complete integrated development environment

• Integrated symbolic debugger

• Create run time applications for distribution

• Fully expandable and documented system, so everybody can add new features to the software

• Supports all Telemetry standard with its direct link to MAGALI

KALLISTÉ products

KALLISTÉ is developed and support by experienced engineers. In addition to the software, specific applications can be developed on request.

For more information, please connect to www.kalliste-soft.com