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ADWIN Real Time concept

ADwin systems are characterized by deterministic execution of intelligent data acquisition and control applications. This is achieved by a local CPU (DSP), the Real-Time heart of every ADwin system. The CPU is responsible for all Real-Time functions and guarantees deterministic process execution, independent of the PC and its workload. ADwin systems work in close cooperation with the Windows-PC, but there is a clear job sharing: the job of the ADwin system is to execute fast and deterministic processes in Real-Time, while the Windows PC performs standard functions such as displaying graphical user interfaces for applications, visualization of data, and data base accesses.

ADwin systems add Real-Time capability to a Windows PC; if the Windows PC crashes, the ADwin system will continue to run, maintaining the integrity of the application.

In addition to the CPU, there is a large local memory for program code and measurement data, analog I/Os, digital I/Os, counters, different interfaces, expansions and options.

The communication between the ADwin system and the PC is done via Ethernet or USB. Fieldbus interfaces allow the connection to PLCs, while a bootloader supports complete stand-alone operation of the ADwin system.


· Real Time Functions

 Intelligent data acquisition

 Complex trigger applications

 Online analysis of measurement data

 Open-loop control functions

 Closed-loop control functions

 Signal/Waveform generation


ADWIN applications

The ADwin systems are the result of more than 16 years of experience in automation and deterministic Real-Time applications. With software solutions since 1987, and with ADwin hardware systems since 1992, many thousands of users and applications worldwide, relying on these precise and robust systems.


· Application Field

 Production and R&D test stands

 Production line automation systems

 Laboratory and mobile systems

 Fast machine control applications

 Material endurance tests

 Quality assurance tests


· Typical Industries

 Automotive and Aerospace

 Semiconductor and component testing

 Machine builders

 Scientific and Industrial Research


 Laser and Electron Beam Industries


ADAS offers standard ADWIN hardware and software, developed by experienced engineers, produced in high-tech production lines. For very specialized applications, customized hardware or software turnkey solutions are also available.



For a detailed description of the ADWIN systems :

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