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Système ADwin Pro–II

The ADwin-Pro II system is the successor of the ADwin-Pro. The new system is equipped with a considerably faster T11 processor and transfers data 10 times faster with the new Pro II bus. At the same time the integrated ADwin Pro bus guarantees the compatibility with older modules still in use.

The new T11 processor module is equipped with a TigerSharc© ADSP-TS101S from Analog Devices. With 300 MHz clock rate, 768 kB local memory and 256 MB RAM the processing performance increases notably. Additionally, the processor features a floating point unit with 40-bit resolution.

The fast Ethernet interface (of the T11 processor) reaches effective data transfer rates from the Pro II system to the computer of more than 10 MByte/s.

The bus bandwidth of up to 200 MByte/s increases the capacity of the internal data transfer between processor module and the new Pro II I/O modules considerably.



Pro II Standard 19’’ Rackable, 16 slots

Pro II-light, 7 slotsModule Processeur

For more information on the ADWIN PRO II system, please download the datasheet.

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