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ADWIN PRO II Bus System Modules

Communication in all directions


ADwin-Pro II modules work with various bus systems and serial interfaces. An ADwin-Pro II system can simultaneously send messages and data via RS232, communicate with devices via CAN bus, and control a test stand.


The following interfaces are available:

· Pro II-RSx-2: 2 x RS-232 / RS-485 (software-selectable), with TiCo processor

· Pro II-RSx-4: 4 x RS-232 / RS-485, (software-selectable), with TiCo processor

· Pro II-CAN-2: 2 x 2 CAN bus, low speed or high speed (CAN 2.0 part A+B, ISO 11898),incoming CAN messages can rise a CPU event. Module includes a TiCo processor.

· Pro II-LIN-2: 2 x LIN Bus

· Pro II-LIN-4: 4 x LIN Bus

· Pro II-Profi-SL: 1 x Profibus with slave interface

· Pro II-Flex-2: 2 x FlexRay; each controller is provided with 2 channels

· Pro II-EtherCAT-SL: 1 x EtherCAT with slave interface

· Other field bus interfaces on request

  Serial and fieldbus modules

Pro II-RSx-22x RS232/485 interface, software-selectable, 9pin D-SUB connector, TiCo
Pro II-RSx-44x RS232/485 interface, software-selectable, 9pin D-SUB connector, TiCo, 10 HP
Pro II-CAN-22x CAN bus, high-speed, 9pin D-SUB connector, TiCo
Pro II-CAN-2-LS2x CAN bus, low-speed, 9pin D-SUB connector, TiCo
Pro II-LIN-22x LIN bus, 9pin D-SUB connector, TiCo
Pro-II-PROFI-SL1x Profibus DP Slave interface, 9pin D-SUB socket
Pro II-CANopenCANopen inteface
Pro II-ModBus-RTUModbus interface
Pro II-xxxbusother bus interfaces on demand
ADwin-Pro-II-light½ 19“ enclosure (9 inch wide, 5 ¼ inch high), AC power supply 115/230V, 7 slots. Desktop unit, all modules mounted from the front-side.
Pro II-Flex-2FlexRay interface module 2 controllers with 2 channels each, 9pin D-SUB socket