Our SACHA product range is designed for test engineers when they must face very aggressive environments such as aircraft, armored vehicle or airborne cargo. It will also perfectly stand crash test conditions.

SACHA systems are modular with 1, 4 or 6 extension slots, allowing the user to perform any combination :

  • analog signal acquisition : voltage, strain gage, accelerometers, potentiometer, temperatures, with analog filters options
  • digital bus acquisition for most popular ground or avionic busses : CAN, serial lines, MIL STD1553, ARINC, DIGIBUS, and a possibility to accommodate its internal FPGAs to any kind of specific bus you may need.

SACHA has its own SSD local storage for its acquisition. It can, simultaneously broadcast its measurements through an Ethernet or a PCM link.

SACHA may also be used as a recorder for external devices such as our video encoders or other manufacturers' devices.

An important feature of SACHA is its battery which can be used as a protection against platform power losses or as an autonomous power supply when no other power source is available.




Sacha basic system


SACHA System base structure


Processor Atom Tunnel Creek E660T 1.3GHz,


RAM : 1 GB, local SSD storage : 2 GB for system, 4GB data


1xGb Ethernet, PCM : 1x input, 2 output RS422 interface
Serial : 1 x RS232 (maintenance), 1 x RS422, CANbus Audio


Time synch. : IRIG B input + ieee1588


Digital input (trigger) : 2 - Digital outputs : 3


Power input : 20-36 V, 50W max


Basic system power consumption :


Versions: 3, 6, 8 slots. 2 slots used by CPU and power supply


Slots :





Extension slots :





Dim : 88 (h) x 138(d)x


122 (mm)

157 (mm)


Weight (kg) :





Temp : operating -40..+ 75°C. not operating -55..+ 100°C


Humidity : 90% not condensing


Vibration : sinus 20-2000 Hz 5g, random 10-2000 Hz 6g rms


Shocks : 50g 6ms


Pressure : 250-1100 mbar


Connectors : DMC





Battery option for SACHA


14V, 4.8 Ah Lithium-ion technology


70% capacity after 500 cycles


Load power requirement : 20-36Vdc 40W, 1.5A


Load duration : 3-4 hours


Temp. Load : -20..+60, Discharge : -20..+ 70°C


Dim : 5.5 (w) x 7.4 (h) x 13.9 (d)


Weight : 0.9 kg




High capacity power storage option for SACHA


Maintain power supply during short power losses


Max power loss duration : 5 to 10s (depend on system configuration)



Analog acquisition boards














24 differential analog inputs suitable for low voltage, potentiometer or temperature measures


Programmable gain : 1, 2, 4.. up to 128 minor drift amplifier


Input levels from +20mV to +2.5V FS


Conditioning linearization of PT100, 3 wire connection


Cold junction compensation for thermocouples J, K, T, R, S, E, PLII with internal or external silicium


Open loop detection


5V energizing for potentiometer acquisition


4th order Butterworth low pass filter 1.5 to 22 KHz


16 bit simultaneous sampling, up to 200 Ks per second and per channel




16 high common mode voltage differential analog inputs


Programmable gain : 1, 2, 4, 8


Input levels from +5V to +40 FS


Common mode voltage range +250V (Zin = 500 KOhms)


CMRR 90dB from -40 to + 80°C


16 bit simultaneous sampling up to 200 Ks/ch



8 general purpose analog inputs : accelerometers, strain gage...


Offset adjustable up to 100%%


Programmable gain : 1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 20, 40, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800 minor drift amplifier


Input level from +6.4mV to +5.12 V FS


Programmable 8th order elliptic progressive low pass filter CF from 10 Hz to 10KHz. 76dB attenuation at CF*2.5


16 bit simultaneous sampling, up to 50 Ks per second and per channel


8 programmable current/voltage sources from 0 to 20.48 mA and 0 to 10.24V


Compatible with TEDS sensor technology. Open loop and short circuit detection


Analog input available after conditioning for other equipment




Digital I/Os communication and busses








16 optoisolated Digital input/output


16 optoisolated 28V inputs/outputs and counters
Software selectable direction
Input : 5 – 36 V Iconst 10mA
Output : open collector with overload over current, overvoltage and thermal shutdown. High drive capability 40V – 3A
Isolation 500V input/output and each channel




Multi interface controller board


2 redundant CAN bus, 8 multipurpose multiprotocol RS485 input/output with FPGA, suitable for serial lines, PCM and customer protocols,



2 DIGIBUS or 1 redundant DIGIBUS interfaces


Full traffic acquisition : procedure, data, V bits, echoes


Short or long stub. GAM T101 (DIGIBUS) standard conformance checks


Time stamping of messages with 1 µs resolution



Four redundant MIL-STD 1553 busses


Full traffic acquisition : command, status, data


Time stamping of messages with 1 µs resolution


MIL STD 1553 standard conformance checks



16 ARINC 429 Rx/Tx interfaces

  Full traffic acquisition, possibility of emission
  12 or 100 KHz, parity check,


Time stamping of messages with 1 µs resolution





External video encoders









Independent 4 video channel H264 encoder to Ethernet

MPEG-4 Part 10/AVC or Motion JPEG


Rés : 176x120 to 720x576. 176x120 to 1536x1152 in quadra vision mode.Configurable picture frequency and throughput


30/25 PAL/NTSC pictures/sec, 15 pps in quadra-vision


2 audio channels


Rotation, text insertion, motion detection


PoE or 24 Vdc power supply


Temp : 0..50°C




Independent 2 high definition video channel H264 encoder to Ethernet

Avail Q4 2012

MPEG-4 Part 10/AVC HE264 baseline profile L4.2


1 channel up to 1200p60, or 2 channels up to 1200p30


PAL/NTSC composite DVI, RGB inputs


Configurable compression ratio. IRIG B time input


24 Vdc power supply. Temp : -20..70°C




Removable storage









Local XX GB SSD storage XX = 32 / 64 / 128 GB




Compact flash adapter for removable media







TEL 410

Remote control (wired)


Remote commands : Power ON/OFF, record ON/OFF, TOP


Displays : Power, recording, System OK


Connectors for IRIG B signal and Ethernet,

















VGA to PAL converter :


When onboard displays must be captured simultaneously with system parameters


Conversion of VGA images to interlaced PAL or NTSC video


VGA resolution : from 640x480 to 1600x1200


 Temp : 0..70°C




GPS synchronized IRIG B generator


12 satellite channels receiver


Internal high precision clock allows continuous IRIG B generation even when GPS signal is lost

 Temp : -10..+ 60°C


 Dimensions : 231 (H) x 143 (W) x 56 (D) mm


 Weight : 1.750 kg



Transport and protection boxes


Fiber boxes with internal foam for an extra level of protection of a SACHA acquisition system


Available for 3 and 6 slots versions


Dimensions : 159 (H) x 205 (D) x 223/276 mm (W)


Weight : COF03 : 1.7 kg COF06 : 2.5 kg