LISA : wireless embedded acquisition systems for harsh environments

LISA is a wireless acquisition system dedicated to analog and digital parameters. LISA simplifies installation of in-flight test systems by reducing wiring and power supply needs .



LISA is composed of several modules which allow great architecture flexibility. It is really easy to organize and configure a very efficient combination of modules for a given in-flight test system.

Up to 8 acquisition modules (i.e a total of 132 channels) can be used in the same test installation. Data sampling is isosynchronous over all these modules.

Each acquisition module is equipped with a local removable storage (SD card) and be used as an independent data logger.










Remote analog acquisition module


8 analog inputs :
6 General purpose inputs
2 x PT100


General purpose inputs :
Differential, single ended (AC or DC)
Gain from 0.25 to 1280
+16.38 V max

High pass filter : 1 st order Fc = 0.10Hz
Low pass filter : Butteworth 8 th order Fc=1.6 KHz
(60 dB attenuation at 5 KHz

5 Ksamples/s isochronous, 12 bits

STRAIN GAGES Full bridge 350 Ohms
Excitation 5.000 V

RTD 2 wires I inj : 4 mA
Range -50..+ 50°C

ICP Excitation 4 or 10 mA selectable


PT100 inputs :
1 Ksamples/s isochronous
Excitation voltage 400mV


Local storage : 4 GB SD CARD


Power supply : 5..9Vdc. 2.1 W alone, 7W with an ER-800 transmitter


Data outputs :
RS422 NRZL + Clock IRIG 106 output
Fixed rate 660 Kbits


Configuration and auxiliary output : USB 2.0


Connectors :
Power supply : LEMO EGG.1B.303.CLL
Analog inputs : LEMO EPG.1B.314.HLN
Transmitter : LEMO EPG.1B.310.HLN
Standard USB type A connector


Dimensions : 132 (L) x 85 (W) x 35 (H) mm
Weight : 0,355 kg






Battery option for LISA acquisition modules


Lithium-Ion technology


Voltage out put 7.3 Vdc nominal
Energy : 20Wh
Capacity : 5 Ah


Autonomy : 4 hours


Complies with EN50020 (Intrinsic Safety) regulation.

Thermal regulation box


Connectors :
Power supply : LEMO EGG.1B.303.CLL


Dimensions : 180 (L) x 85 (W) x 35 (H) mm

Weight : 0,460 kg







































LISA Emitter – Receiver module


8 possible choices between 906 and 924 MHz. Software configuration frequency band


Power supply : 5..9Vdc
At 7 Vdc : 0.7 A alone, 1A when used with an ER-800 transmitter


Connectors :
Power supply : LEMO EGG.1B.303.CLL
Transmitter : LEMO EPG.1B.310.HLN
Standard USB type A connector


Dimensions :92 (L) x 60 (W) x 35 (H) mm
Weight : 0,151 kg
Antenna not included





LISA PCM concentrator


Concentrator for up to 4 ER-800 or MACQ-826 acquisition modules. Ethernet and PCM outputs


Power supply : 5..9Vdc


Connectors :
Power supply : LEMO EGG.1B.303.CLL
Transmitters: 4 x LEMO EPG.1B.310.HLN
PCM output : LEMO EPG.1B.305.HLN
Ethernet : LEMO EPG.1B.308.HLN


Dimensions : 132 (L) x 85 (W) x 35 (H) mm
Weight : 0,355 kg




LISA verification box


Used when configuring a LISA MACQ-826 module. Allow excitation voltage checking.



LISA generic signal input box
Termination box. 4mm banana sockets.



LISA remote control
Start/stop button, POWER and RECORD leds






Cables and accessories


LISA synoptic