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DIGIBUS is a communication bus used in many French military equipments such as MIRAGE 2000 aircrafts, LECLERC battle tank and various French Navy vessels or submarines.

It is similar to MIL STD 1553 (same notion of bus controller, remote terminal, monitor, same transmission speed) but uses separate links for data and commands.


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ADAS™ products

We offer two boards :

  • PMC-DIGICOOL board is a full function controller : it can, simultaneously, simulate a bus controller, several remote terminals and acquire and time stamp the traffic over the bus.
  • PMC-DIGICOOL-S is a monitor board which captures and time stamp the traffic over the bus.

Both boards can be used in ground test systems as well as in embedded equipments. They conform to PMC mezzanine format and can be used directly on a processor board with PMC slots. One may also use them in PCI, compact PCI or PCIexpress systems with carrier boards.

A full software support including driver, interface libraries and sample programs is provided for Windows XP or 7 and Linux. vxWorks is also supported.

We also provide supplementary materials :

BusView software is an easy-to-use application for Windows. It can simulate a bus controller or several remote terminals. It records and displays the data exchanged on the bus.



Typical cabling :


DIGIBUS synoptic





Adapters and cables :


Function and characteristics


Cable HDR to DB9F for one DIGIBUS bus A


Cable HDR to DB9F for a redundant DIGIBUS bus A + B


Termination resistor for a single or a redundant bus.


Passive STUB for short coupling


STUB for long coupling


Cable DB9F to DB9F for one DIGIBUS bus A


Cable DB9F to DB9F for a redundant DIGIBUS bus A + B


Cable HDR to DB9F for one DIGIBUS bus A and to DB25F connector for IRIG B and Triggers


DigibusTool workstation



DIGIBUS station



DIGIBUS station




DIGIBUS work station


Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz, 4 GB DDR2 RAM, Intel GM45 + ICH9M chipset . Graphics : integrated in GM45 chipset.


4 RS232 ports, 2 RJ 45 Gb Ethernet, 8 USB 2.0 ports, 2 PCI slots, 150 GB HD storage


Operating system : Windows 7


Dimensions : 195x268x100 mm - Weight : 4.2 kg


Power supply : 60 W max, 10-24Vdc. External 240 Vac power supply provided


Temperature :
operating : -20..+ 55°C non operating : -40..85°C.


Shock and crash : operating 20G 11 ms, non operating 40G 11ms




BusView software : simulate and display a DIGIBUS installation


Main functions :

  • Traffic description
  • Simulation of a bus controller
  • Message display
  • Interactive message modification
  • Full traffic recording on file
  • Replay of a sequence on display
  • Message filtering
BusView software





Execution mode :

  • Simulator : the software is active on the bus
  • Local : monitoring a DIGIBUS bus directly connected to the system
  • Networked : the software displays a stream of DIGIBUS data received through a distant equipment.